Conference Funding Grant

The purpose of this grant is to provide members of Ups and Downs with funding assistance to attend a national or international conference on Down syndrome.  It is our hope that this grant will enrich the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and those who care for them.
With this grant, it is our hope that families and individuals with Down syndrome will have the opportunity to make connections with other families and learn about resources that are available to them by taking advantage of this financial assistance. We are excited to make this grant available and to assist individuals with Down syndrome in reaching greater independence in the community.
Download the Conference Funding Grant Application Form


1. All grant applicants must complete a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer service with Ups and Downs within the last year prior to a conference.
2. The individual applying must currently be a member of Ups and Downs and have been a member in good standing, for one year. All members in good standing are eligible to apply (in the case of a board member applying for the grant, the member will abstain from voting on the eligibility to receive the grant).
3. Applicants must show how their attendance at the conference would directly benefit an individual with Down syndrome.
4. Preference will be given to those members who have actively volunteered at a major Ups and Downs fundraising event such as Street Meet, the annual golf tournament, or casino as well as those who attend the current Annual General Meeting.
5. Acceptable expenses include: airfare, bus fare, taxi's, accommodations and registration fees (not covered: banquet fees, child care, meals, and gratuities).
6. Grants will be awarded to a maximum of $600.00 per member family in a three calendar year period.
7. The individual applying agrees to write an article about the conference for an upcoming newsletter.

Application Process

1. Fill in grant application and mail it to: Ups and Downs, Grant Application, PO Box 61180, Kensington RPO, Calgary AB T2N 4N6
2. We require a letter indicating how the grant will help to enrich the life of an individual with Down syndrome.
3. We will then send you a letter indicating if your request has been approved or not.
Please note: (conference grant applications are accepted on a pre-approval basis only)

Reimbursement Process

1. Once you have attended the conference, please submit a copy of the pre-approval letter along with a copy of your original receipts for reimbursement to: Ups and Downs, Grant Application, PO Box 61180, Kensington RPO, Calgary, AB, T2N 4N6.
The Executive Board of Ups and Downs will govern this grant.  The board will review applications and decide which will be approved.