Ups and Downs - Calgary Down Syndrome Association
provides education  and support for parents and social activities for children and adults with Down syndrome in Calgary and surrounding areas. Our vision is to promote and create lifelong partnerships that foster family connections, friendships, healthly lifestyle, an inclusive community, and a future without limits. 

Adele's Over the Rainbow Baskets

Do you know about Ups and Downs' Adele's Over the Rainbow Baskets - Down syndrome LOVIN?Through donations from the community, friends and family, we are able to make up baskets for families who have a baby born with Down syndrome. As of April, 2015, we are now making baskets for families who have a child with Down syndrome who has been diagnosed with cancer (up to the age of 18).The baskets are filled with lots of goodies for baby and resources for the family to access once at home with their bundle of joy. Included in the baskets: a year membership for Ups and Downs - Calgary Down Syndrome Association, onesies, receiving blankets, clothes, gift cards, a full photo shoot, books, jewelry for mom and many more beautiful items for the family. The value of each basket is approximately $600-$800. The baskets are made in Krista Rowland-Collins' home and are individually put together for each beautiful family.The beauty of meeting the families and new babies is a journey, sometimes a very emotional one and other times, the visits are filled with laughter and love.Since February 2014, we have handed out nearly 50 baskets to very deserving families. The baskets are delivered to all of the Calgary hospitals and surrounding areas.

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