Our Mission

To be a vibrant family support group that enriches the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families by providing a network of resources, sharing common experiences, learning together, and creating awareness in the broader community.


Our Vision

Lifelong partnerships that foster friendships, family connections, healthy lifestyles, inclusive community and a future without limitations.


Our Goals

  • Provide an opportunity for the families of people with Down syndrome to come together on a regular basis to share experiences and exchange information.
  • Advocate on behalf of people with Down syndrome for their rights as individuals.

  • Promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome into our society, thereby allowing them to attain their maximum developmental potential.

  • Gather and disseminate up-to-date information about Down syndrome to our membership, health care professionals, education professionals and the general public.

  • Foster and maintain liaisons with other groups interested in improving the quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome




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