Annual Events

We run a rich variety of events throughout the year; catered towards children and young adults with Down syndrome, parents, and families. The following list is an overview of the events we typically organize each year. 
Please note that the timing and location of events can vary from year to year.
We also introduce newly developed events to our schedule on an ongoing basis.


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October 2017

Mom's Night Out - Wednesday, October 11th

Dad's Night Out - Thursday, October 12th 

Teen & Young Adults Halloween Dance - Friday, October 27th 

Children's Halloween Party - Sunday, October 29th


September 2017

Teen and Young Adults Conference - Saturday, September 30th

William Watson Camping Weekend - Sept. 1st-4th

July 2017

T21 Event: Treehouse Indoor Playground & Cafe - July 19th


 June 2017 

 2017 Street Meet - June 10th


May 2017

 2017 Annual General Meeting - May 4th

 CDSS Conference - May 19th-21st

April 2017

Mom's Night Out - April 12th

Jelly Bean (K - Gr. 6) Dance: 3:00 - 5:00 April 23rd @ St. Andrews Center 

Theatre A G0-G0 - starting April 25th 

Dad's Night Out - April 28th