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SPECS4US Inc. – Superior Precision Eyewear for Children who are Special

Erin’s World Frames are designed with the facial features of an individual with Down syndrome in mind. The lower bridge and widened front help the frame fit properly allowing less slipping, more comfort and a better view of the world. Our frames are available in a variety of styles and colors, fitting infants through adults.  For help finding an eye care professional near you, or to get all your questions answered, visit our website or call our office at 800-586-1885.

Download a list of toy suggestions
from Occupational Therapist, Lauren Rhymes
Precision Academics student learning workbooks
(Pre-shcooler - Grade 12) 
These workbooks help parents and teachers work with their childrens abilities and help them progress even further.
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E- Reading Pro
For kids who learn to read differently
Love and Learning reading program
Reading and language development
Family & Community Resource Centre
The Resource Centre has educational courses that run through out the year on various topics for parents.
Download AADL Pediatric Incontinence brochure
Toddler over the age of 3 and still in diapers? Then you might want to check into the AADL's program to help pay for all the diapers they are using.