Other Community Support

These services are rich in experience, information and advice. Through them you have the opportunity to meet other parents who have faced experiences similar to yours, and to discover who is available to help you help your child achieve his or her maximum potential.
Canadian Down Syndrome Society
(403) 270-8500
The Canadian Down Syndrome Society provides professionals, parents, and individuals with Down syndrome with up-to-date information on studies, conferences and issues concerning Down syndrome. Their yearly membership fee includes receipt of their very informative quarterly newsletter.
Clinical Genetic Services  - ACH
(403) 955-7373
A referral to the Genetics Clinic will usually be made by your doctor following delivery, although you can approach them yourself if this has not been done. The genetics team can provide you with counseling and information regarding the genetic aspects of Down syndrome.
La Leche League
(403) 242-0277
The La Leche League provides information, support and referrals to women with questions about breast feeding. Women are just a phone call away from receiving the help they need, and can arrange for one-on-one consultation. Six Calgary La Leche League groups meet monthly.
Heart Beats Children's Society
(403) 289-4329
Heart Beats is a parent education and support group whose aim is to provide information and support to families who have children born with congenital heart defects.
Family Support Services for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)
(403) 297-6022
An Alberta government program, FSCD provides cost-sharing services for parents of children with disabilities to assist them in obtaining services relating to their children, and the resulting financial and emotional considerations. Families negotiate annual individual contracts with FSCD based on their unique needs. There is no means test to qualify
Providence Children's Centre
(403) 255-5577
Providence Children's Centre offers a completely integrated full-day program for children from infancy to five years as well as part-time preschool programs. All programs include full therapy services, trained staff, and a resident nurse. Providence also provides various educational and support programs for parents.
The PREP Program
(403) 282-5011
The Early Learning Program at PREP offers parent-child classes that assist parents in understanding child development and nurturing their child's love of learning. A speech language pathologist, an occupational therapist and physiotherapist are an integral part of the program. The Early Learning Program is accepting ongoing registration for Learning Through Play (children 12-18 months) and Language Group (children 1-2 years). There is no fee for these services.
Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary (DDRC)
(403) 240-3111                             
The DDRC focuses on providing vocational, residential, leisure and family support programs and services to all persons with mental disabilities, and is committed to a future of dignity, options and rights. While their services are aimed primarily at adults and older children, their Host Family Program may be of particular interest to families with young children.
Renfrew Educational Services
(403) 291-5038
Renfrew Educational Services has been offering a broad range of specialized programs for children since 1973. Fully accredited by Alberta Education, their programs and services accommodate students from preschool to grade 6 and are specially designed for children with special needs.
Children's Link Society
(403) 230-9158
The Children's Link Society provides information and support links to families, communities, agencies and professionals in Western Canada for both children and adults with special needs. Some of the resources Children's Link can provide include funding sources, educational options, transition planning, application guidelines and appeal processes. As well, they can help to outline the rights and responsibilities of professionals and parents in regards to their special needs child.
The G.R.I.T. Program
(403) 215-2444
The G.R.I.T. Program is a privately operated Early Childhood Services program funded by the Department of Education. The primarily home-based program is run by an incorporated non-profit society. G.R.I.T. serves children with disabilities between the ages of 2 and 5 in the Calgary area and 100 km from the city limits.
Cause & Effect Early Intervention Services
(403) 652-6734
Cause & Effect services children in the Calgary and Foothills region (Okotoks, High River, Black Diamond and Nanton areas).  This program is an in home, preschool and community based program funded by Alberta Learning to provide support services with an educational focus.  Tailored to each child's needs the program includes services from Speech & Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Special Education Teachers, Physical Therapists, Behavioural Strategists and Psychologists.
Between Friends
(403) 269-9133
Between Friends Club is a charitable organization that creates opportunities for people with disabilities to belong.  They operate approximately 180 fun-filled, recreation and social programs where members can make friends, create memories and just be themselves.  Their programs include horseback riding, river rafting, bowling, photography, sports, camping and much more.  Between Friends Club works to create a community in which participants reach their full potential and are accepted as valued citizens.
(403) 234-7876
Pacekids Programs is a not for profit, family-focused organization that strives to offer excellence in the treatment of children with special needs, emphasizing a team based, collaborative approach. Having opened its doors in 1994, Pacekids Programs has been a part of the Calgary community for almost 20 years and depends on funding from the Government of Alberta and the generous support of the community for its success.