Visiting Parents Program

Ups and Downs provides a variety of services to the parents and friends of people with Down syndrome in Calgary and Southern Alberta.
In addition to preparing the New Parent Guide for parents of newborns with Down syndrome, we sponsor workshops and seminars, publish a bi-monthly newsletter and host various social events throughout the year. We also encourage new parents to meet and draw reassurance and help from our membership.
Because the parents in our group have already experienced challenges similar to those you may be facing now, you can find an abundance of practical advice waiting for you through our group and particularly from the parents in our Visiting Parents Program. The Visiting Parents Program is comprised of trained volunteers who willingly give their time because they remember what is like when they were told their baby had Down syndrome. They will be happy to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and share with you what life has been like for them and their families.
To contact a Visiting Parent in Calgary, just call Ups and Downs at (403) 289-4394 or have your nurse or a friend call for you. Even if you live outside Calgary, we can arrange for one of our Visiting Parents to connect with you.
Visiting Parent Co-ordinator              
Johanna Hirons
Visiting Parents
Amber Boyd
Kathleen Brown
Katie Copithorne
Janene Hokanson
Jeannie Ing
Sandra Jones-Guth
Maureen Larsen
Vince Marion
Janna Mazurkewich
Chantal Petersen
Tasha Walsh