Ups and Downs is running a training program this fall for all parents/caregivers who would like to become part of our Visiting Parents Team.

The Visiting Parents Team is dedicated to providing support for parents and families of individuals with Down syndrome.  We are typically called on to support at different points across the life span and so we are looking for parents with children of all ages (birth to adult). The Visiting Parents Team might be called on to support families with

  • a prenatal diagnosis
  • a birth diagnosis
  • a preschool or school age child with access to services and education
  • a family with a child of any age moving/considering moving to the Calgary area and looking for services

If you are interested in joining as a Visiting parent we ask you to sign up for this event. If you would like more information, please feel free to email

**If you speak languages other than English, that would be a great asset, although not necessary