Winter Play Kits – For All Ages!

We are so grateful to Recreation in the City of Calgary for providing Ups and Downs members with Winter Play Kits full of supplies and activities to encourage us to get outside! 

Ready for some winter fun!? 
  1. Register to receive your Winter Play Kit
  2. Tell us how many kits you’d like
  3. We will deliver the kit(s) to your house the week of January 18th.
  4. Go enjoy some time outside and follow along with the Winter Play at Home handout that has instructions for many different activities such as; sensory ice play, snowflake kitchen, food colouring in the snow, gravity activities, tobogganing, scavenger hunts and more!

Please note, deliveries will only be made within Calgary. If you live outside of Calgary and wish to still get a Winter Play Kit and you’re able to come into Calgary to pick yours up, please let us know. Thank you.