It’s finally here! Ups and Downs’ new website is up and running. We would like to thank Creative-Elements for designing and hosting this new, fabulous website.
A few points to highlight:

  1. Buttons and links work! Whoop, Whoop!!! No more trouble with disagreeable drop-down menus.
  2. Content is more accessible and logically organized. For new families, it is very clear where to click to get information about our fabulous visiting parents program. For current families, the link to our Events page is clear and we have a spiffy calendar to help you organize your schedules.
  3. Supports and Resources are now divided into a) community supports in the Calgary area and b) literature and other resources. If you have any suggestions about supports and resources for other self-advocates, families, and friends, please send them to our Executive Director.
  4. Clear weblinks to our wonderful Facebook group can quickly refer people to our network of parents, friends, and allies who have a wealth of knowledge and experience about a variety of topics.

Again, we would like to thank Creative-Elements for guiding us through the process of developing a new website.

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