New Practicum Student: Clair Vos!!

Hello Everyone!

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Ups and Downs’ newest addition; Clair Vos!!

Clair is a student at the University of Calgary, and she will be doing her practicum here at Ups and Downs for the summer! She will be a Social Worker in July! Everyone who knows Clair, knows that she’s the sweetest thing!

Here’s some fun facts to help get to know Clair better, if you don’t already know her!

  1. Clair has been volunteering with Ups and Downs for just under 4 years! She is the Volunteer Coordinator for the 25+ age group!
  2. She is 1 of 7 children in her family.
  3. Clair ran her first half marathon last week just for fun!
  4. She loves playing sports outside.
  5. Clair believes that a dance party a day keeps the doctor away!

Clair will be supporting the Ups and Downs team throughout the summer! You can expect to see her at events, and she will be running some focus groups so she can learn more from you! If you are interested in connecting with Clair, please email her at