KeepingUp: Age Specific Facebook Groups!

Our new online events have been a huge success! Here’s another way you can stay in the loop with these KeepingUp events!

We have  designed these KeepingUp events so we can stay connected online while we are unable to meet in person for events. We have been able to stay connected with members and have tons of fun with these KeepingUp events!

While we are happy to be offering programming even while we are not physically together, we want to make sure not to overload you with information! With all of the increased online activity in the past few months, many of our email inboxes are full! We want to make sure you have access to all the specific information for events regarding your specific age group! Please join the group relevant to you so you can stay up to date with KeepingUp events!

Click the age group below to see the Facebook Groups, and then join the group!