Street Meet Spotlight!

Street Meet has always been about family.

Over all the years we’ve hosted our annual Street Meet fundraiser, it’s always been an opportunity to foster family connection and friendships. Our mission at Ups and Downs is to be a vibrant family support group that enriches the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families by providing a network of resources, sharing common experiences, learning together, and creating awareness in the broader community. Street Meet is the fundraiser that makes this all possible.

We are always looking to grow and build upon our existing programs, especially in this ever-changing environment, and this is all made possible by the money raised from Street Meet.

If you haven’t yet signed up for this years Street Meet 2020 – Online Edition, click the “register now” button below! We would love to see you there!

Ups and Downs is so grateful to be able to offer the support we do to our members and families.

All of this is and has been possible because of generous people like you.

Thank you!

Check out some fun photos below from some of our past Street Meet fundraisers!

Street Meet 1995

Street Meet 2016

Street Meet 2017

Street Meet 2018

Street Meet 2019