Hello Everyone!

During uncertain times, what we are certain of is our commitment to the safety and health of our members, their families and our volunteers.

We’d like to update you on our decisions at Ups and Downs in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in our area. Due to the recent announcement by Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer asking “Any event that has less than 250 attendees and expects to have international participants, or involves critical infrastructure staff, seniors, or other high-risk populations should also be cancelled.”, Ups and Downs will be postponing all events until further notice.

We are all working together to curb the progression of COVID-19, and Ups and Downs is doing their part.

We will continue to follow the provincial guidelines as we navigate through the weeks to come. Stay tuned for updates via email, web, and social media.

For more information, please visit the Alberta website for the most up to date accurate information.


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