2019/2020 Programming Year

Hello Everyone!

We would like to welcome all the Ups and Downs’ families to our 2019/2020 Program Year. With over 55 programs running over the next 10 months we are confident there will be an event, workshop or conference that suits everyone’s needs.

With the addition of our 16-24 Social Club in March 2019 we can now offer monthly events from September-June for our T21 Group (ages 0-5), K6 Group (ages 6-12), 16-24 Social Club (ages 16-24), 25+ Social Nights (ages 25+) and Moms’/Dads’ Night Out (all parents).

Our annual holiday events will include the Halloween Parties at the end of October, Christmas Parties in the beginning of December, and the new Hula Palooza Dance (ages 13+) in mid April. We are also hoping (weather dependent) to host another Hop and Seek Easter Picnic for our members ages 0-12 in mid April as well.

Workshops this year will include a 12 week Musical Theatre Workshop for our members age 13-17 & age 18+ from September-December, a 6 week SAIT Cooking Classes in the Spring for our age 18+ members, and a 10 week Toast Masters Workshops in the Spring for our age 18+ members. We are also looking into hosting workshops for our ages 13-17 members in the Spring.

Conferences for this year will include our Teen & Young Adult Conference at the end of September for our age 13+ members, our newly established Transition to Adulthood Conference for parents that have a child age 14+, and our Wonder Years Conference for parents with a child age 0-12.

We will also continue to collaborate with other organizations to offer a wide variety of programming; this will include a second group for the Super Heroes Hockey Program which will double the number of children able to participate, Kids Up Front so that that families can attend a vast majority of the events taking place around Calgary, the PREP Program Parent Talks, and the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation on World Down Syndrome Day to name a few.

Lastly, we have secured an agreement with William Watson Lodge to guarantee we are able to group book all the cabins for a weekend in March and all the camping sites for a weekend in August. This ensures an easier booking process for our members and doesn’t count toward your once per season booking limit with William Watson Lodge.

This is going to be another great year of programming for Ups and Downs’ families and we can’t wait for it all to start in September! Have a wonderful rest to your Summer and see you soon!

Finally, we have an open door policy at Ups and Downs, so if you have suggestions or feedback for our programs please don’t hesitate to reach out to Adam Long at 403-289-4394 or director@upsdowns.org.

Kindest regards,

Adam Long

Executive Director, Ups and Downs

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