Book Reviews with Sacha Makkinga!

Let’s Talk Books!

Hopefully you have a bit of extra time on your hands and are able to get some reading in! And don’t worry if you are too busy to read right now! Just watch these book reviews to get quick summaries!

Special thanks to our Book Talk Host: Sacha Makkinga! Our Visiting Parent Program Coordinator.

In case you’ve missed it, Sacha has been doing book reviews every Monday morning  at 11:30am on our Facebook page for our Ups and Downs community! She has gone through a few different books and highlighted specific aspects of each book! Sacha touches on the style of reading of some of the authors, as well as the way they share their stories! She gives great little sneak peaks into each book and we so appreciate her sharing her book knowledge with us all!

Everyone is going through a lot right now, and Sacha connects with you in a very down to earth way as she hosts these weekly Book Reviews!

Thanks Sacha!

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Check out the books below to see which ones she’s reviewed so far! To watch the Facebook Live Book Reviews, click the photo!

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Book Talk #1

  1. Book: Babies with Down Syndrome a Practical Guide
    Author: Susan J Skallerup
  2. Book: Gifts 2 (short stories)
    Author: Kathryn Lenard Soper

Book Talk #2

  1. Book: Raising Henry
    Author: Rachel Adams
  2. Book: The Year my Son and I Were Born
    Author: Kathryn Lenard Soper

Book Talk #3

  1. Book: A Good and Perfect Gift
    Author: Amy Julia Becker
  2. Book: Bloom
    Author: Kelle Hampton